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SK Hynix Vice President
The latest trends of the recent issues of IP management involve the worldwide coverage and having increasingly frequent and stronger impact on the relevant company’s management as well as industries and economies. Thus, there are bound to be many limitations and inefficiencies for the company in possession of the IP.

In particular, advanced IP countries have been taking one step earlier and further than Korea by developing IP strategies and related legal systems at the national level and while engaging in strong collaborations with their industrial groups in order to their companies’ competitiveness.

In accordance with these changes in the global consolidate environment, Korea has also been organizing the IP infrastructure at the government level by establishing the Presidential Council on Intellectual Property and amending the Invention Promotion Act. Also, at the industrial level, the Korea Intellectual Property Association, the collaborative group of the companies in possession of IPs, has been launched to prepare and pursue our companies’ stronger IP competitiveness.

The Korea Intellectual Property Association was launched in 2008 with 67 member companies and it has been established as the best industrial group in the IP sectors with the current membership of around 180 companies. The Association has been strengthening the member companies’ IP capabilities through various activities and sharing information and know-hows about IP management as well as ways to respond to patent disputes.

Moreover, the Association has been engaging in strong collaborations with the government with respect to the establishment of IP policies and improvement of systems, it has also been attending the IP5 meetings, which is a meeting of patent office and industrial agencies of 5 major countries, including Korea’s representative industrial agency in order to ensure that Korean companies’ views are reflected in the establishment of global IP policies.

At the same time, the Association introduced the patron member system and thereby vitalized the Association activities of IP related service businesses and expanded the base of Association activities. The Association also founded a window to provide support to those companies that are experiencing difficulties due to patent disputes and litigation. Through the Association’s Advisory Committee a win-win IP collaborative system is effectively established between companies.

From 2018, the Association established the “Policy Committee” to propose the Association’s opinions to the government and related agencies even more actively, and it has been responding systematically to global IP issues through its “International Cooperation Committee (ICC)”. Furthermore, the Association building trust based relationships for improved mutual understanding and resolution of difficulties through meetings with overseas IP public officials.

The Association will continue to try its best so that industry exchanges such as stronger activities of department committees and research activities within the Association become more vitalized and perform as a bridge between the government and industry by collecting the industry’s views and delivering proposals in relation to the government’s IP policies, and at the same time, it will contribute to the joint interests of members and strengthening of national IP capabilities.

We look forward to your support and encouragements.

Yours sincerely,