• Expert Committee
  • Expert Committee

Expert Committee

The Committee of KINPA are operating on-line with the participation of experts in each related field.

Patent Committee

The Patent aims its activities toward improving the quality of patent applications through the seeking of “good inventions” and acquiring strong patents through the improvement of patent examination skills. By sharing experiences and information between members, and researching and discussing mutual issues of interest, the Committee pursues the essential role of upgrading the “patent environment in enterprise” with certain policy proposals to KIPO

Trademark · Design · Copyright Committee

The TM and Design Committee works to strengthen the infrastructure for the internal/external cooperation of partnerships with other organizations(KIPO, KIPRA) and domestic industries under the vision of “Strong competitiveness of company brand.” In addition, the Committee is planning some educational activities and a field trip to the “Chinese Authority for Preventing Forgery” as an early countermeasure to such international IP issues

International Affair Committee

The main purpose of the International Affairs Committee Activities lies on preparing an instant and systematic counter-ability to international IP issues through international cooperation and building networks with other organizations (KIPO, KOTRA, IP Attaches in Korean Embassies). For that purpose, the Committee researches and collects the information on the issues of “maximizing the usage of IPR abroad”, “preventing and counter measuring forgery and infringement (in administrative or judicial perspectives)” and “Counter measuring the exercising IP rights by competitors.” The Committee does its best to accumulate and share such information about practices and know-how with member companies

IP Management Committee

In the IP Management Committee, the main topic of discussion is about how efficiently the IPR can be managed in terms of corporate management. From the technical topic about the compensation range of “employee inventions” to the strategic issue of out-license or managing IP specialized groups in the company, the Committee covers various subjects in IP management. In addition, IP Management Committee is educating advanced IP specialists with practical competence in IP related missions.

Small & Medium-sized Enterprise Committee

The Small & Medium-sized Enterprise(SME) Committee is pursing 4 major projects for the purpose of policy suggestion to the government, including “Actuating a patent-transaction system”, “Patent Insurance for SMEs”, “Improvement of IP search system” and “Supporting policy for SMEs in IP perspective.”

License and Dispute Committee

The License and Dispute Committee is pursuing activities including “IP dispute prevention activities”, “Strengthening competence in license negotiation”, “Strengthening competence in countermeasures to infringement” and “Improvement of skills for IP litigations.” Member companies share their own experiences and know-how in license disputes for the strong competence of domestic companies in license disputes.

IP Intellingence Committee

The Patent Information Committee is seeking to reinforce the searching ability and usage of patent information in member companies sharing the methods of improving patent portfolios, efficient searching skills and their own experiences in such matters. At the same time, the Committee develops policy proposals for the value-added patent information service by KIPO.

Software Committee

SW patent application-related strategy, case study, open source information sharing, etc